Living with 0.01%

There is so much pain in knowing the truth.

We both know the things won’t work out for us.

Not a chance that our paths will be crossed.

You’ll be married in a year or two.

I’ll be shitty busy with my job.

Even my heart knows that, 99.99% of it.

But here comes that 0.01%. The happiest part of my heart.

It believes that one day everything will be worked out.

You, Me, Us – We’ll be married happily,

Going on a long trip.

I everyday live with the belief this 0.01% gonna happen.

This is the only reason I live.

And here comes Life, knocking at the door.

How hard you’re gonna hit on the floor or not,

You still live with a dream that you’re gonna fly.

We all know that Life doesn’t go the way we want it to be.

But this 0.01% is our oxygen.

It helps to BREATHE.


Picture Credit : Pinterest

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