Chapter I – Back to the Start

Everyone has a story, so do I.

Sometimes it becomes so tough to move on. If I use the word ‘Desperate’, I won’t be wrong – We become so desperate to find Partner of our life that we end up choosing the wrong one.

Holy shit! I’ve waged a war. [pause][checking out messages]

No! It was not her, just a Google Headline. Whoof!

If she reads this, I am probably making up promises right now. And all above this, if I ask her, “Did I say something wrong?”, that would be the day I die. Why the things always have to be so bizarre?

Now, lets move to the point. As I am from critical orthodox Bengali family, my life has given me many hard punches that you won’t believe it, specially when it comes from a 24 years old boy. But the heardest hit came, when the boy fell in love with a Non-Bengali girl. My feet were stumped so hard – my family on one leg and her on another. But – here comes another ‘But’, everyone likes it – I haven’t told you the most amazing part yet. I will come to that later. Hold on to that for sometime, you can, can’t you? [irritating suspense].

As it all started like a magic, I don’t have any exciting stories to write on that. But I can tell you Instagram’s microtales were too sweet those days. Sharing microtales (mainly copying the talent of others) was like a routine, once before brushing the teeth and once before bed. There was no gap, have to share on my whatsapp stories.

Let everyone know that I am in love, and make her understand that I am so desperate.

But the worst part is when my friend comes and ruins everything by telling, “Arreh! Nowadays microtales are popular on instagram, everyone can read it there and so does your girlfriend. Idiot!” But Romeo’s mind will never understand. Watching romantic movies on a regular basis, sharing Netflix passwords with her, conversing on personal problems, all had made the butterflies fly high in my stomach.

But Roller Coaster does go down man.

P.S. :- Next Chapter will be posted soon.

Picture Credit : Pinterest

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