Chapter III – Wrong Face

We almost do everything for the person we love. But we always end up hoping if we could get same amount of love in return. But what do we get?

The same hope, we were hoping since our first meet. Nothing changes. Unfortunately, I am not powerful as her urge of sleep and entertainments.

She will deny this, I know. But no one has the strength to accept the truth.

I was so busy these days. Navratri, Hanging up with friends, family, sisters’ birthdays, so I couldn’t get time to write. But my mind wasn’t happy with all these. I literally haven’t seen her face for long, neither heard her voice. And she has been so busy to text me.

I saw the wrong face of ‘Happiness’.

I am tired of waiting. I am sick. I wish I could write longer. But I have to finish now.

Maybe another day.

Picture Credit : Pinterest

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